Don Georgevich is an author and speaker on job interviewing, hiring, and leadership development. He specializes in teaching businesses how to make informed hiring decisions and helps job seekers to sharpen their interviewing skills.

The well-respected former corporate interviewer has written The Seven Master Steps to Hiring A Players, The Complete Interview Answer Guide, Resume Masterpiece, and How to Write Perfect Thank You Letters He shares his interviewing and hiring advice in countless YouTube videos. He is one of most prolific providers or high-quality, effective job interviewing eBooks, videos, and articles in the world.

He has written three best selling books on the subject of job interviewing and resume writing. Owner of Job Interview Tools, LLC and the blog. Author of numerous job interviewing articles and videos that are designed to help job seekers sharpen their skills, write killer resumes and cut through the red tape of job interviews so they can get hired for any job they choose.

He was a previous technology interviewer for Exxon Mobil and strategic interviewer for several Cleveland, Ohio based consulting companies. Since becoming an interview strategist, he has helped millions of job seekers to improve their interview performance.

You can find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Or send Don an email.