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Now You Can Write a Perfect Resume that Attracts Employers Like a Magnet, Even if You're NOT a
Resume Writer

Whether this is your first attempt at writing a resume or you need to re-write and update your current one, this guide will walk you through a framework that highlights your best strengths and attracts employers to you like a magnet.

Format: eBook

 Time to write a perfect resume: 1 - 3 hours 

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These people landed their dream job - are you next?

In a recent survey of 500 hiring managers across various industries, 83% reported that candidates with a crystal clear objective statement were 73% more likely to be called for an interview.

Concisely present your skills and experiences while demonstrating your unique value to potential employers.
Craft your resume to make an immediate positive impact while leaving a lasting impression on the recruiter.
Tailor your resume for different job roles and industries, ensuring it resonates in any context.
Avoid common resume mistakes that can hurt your chances of getting noticed.
Implement strategic follow-up methods after submitting your resume to maintain engagement with potential employers.

273,959+ average people landed their DREAM JOB using a little-known secret weapon...

Don Georgevich

Hi, I'm Don Georgevich. I show job seekers how to ACE interviews.

Have you ever sent in your resume for a job you knew in your heart you were perfect for...

...But they never called you?

There's two reasons why employers aren't pounding on your door...

First, your resume is failing the "scan test" because it's not catching their eye.

Employers are looking for a quick match and if your resume doesn’t catch their attention, they skip you.

And second, your resume is not getting passed the Applicant Tracking System.

Without the right words and phrases, no one will ever see your resume.

Whether you need to write a new resume from scratch or improve the one you have, you're in the right place.

I'll show you how to quickly write a new resume from scratch or update an existing one.

On this page, you'll see a detailed list of everything that you get with the Resume Masterpiece. 

This program works -- I know it works because it follows the same framework I used to use when I wrote thousands of professional resumes that landed jobs for all of my clients.


What Will the Resume Masterpiece Do for YOU?

My simplified writing system shows you how to write your resume using the NEW format and language that employers prefer.
Its straightforward approach makes certain your resume is professional and stands out.
If you already have a resume, the Resume Masterpiece shows you how to turbo-charge it with powerful word phrases that will have employers calling you everyday.
It shows you how to create catch-hook phrases that reach out and grab an employer's attention so they read your resume first.

From start to finish, you'll learn all the hidden techniques that will put your resume above everyone else's.

Plus, with a library of 98 professional sample templates – writing your resume will be easy.

What's Inside?


 5 minutes to review 

Resume styles explained

Your resume is a marketing tool
How to decide between chronological and functional resume formats

01 - How to write a strong resume heading

 17 minutes to complete 

How to use titles and credentials in your heading
How to style your name and contact details
How to properly display your address, phone number and LinkedIn profile or when to omit certain parts of your contact details
How to style your heading for maximum impact

02 - Writing your objective

 11 minutes to complete 

Write a simple one-line objective statement that instantly communicates what kind of job you're seeking and compels employers to call you
Resumes featuring well-crafted objective statements show a 33% higher interview callback rate compared to those without.

03 - Writing your skills summary

 15 minutes to complete 

How to select the right skills for your summary
How to write powerful qualifications statements that make you sound not only professional, but amazing
You can't win them all.  Turn rejection into a learning experience, so you can improve your interview performance and be better next time.

04 - Writing your work history

 55 minutes to complete 

How to show job promotions
How to write strong accomplishment statements using the AR formula
How to write achievement statements that get you noticed
How to find your accomplishments for non-performance based jobs
How to avoid age discrimination
How to hide or mask unemployment gaps
How to avoid looking like a job hopper
Artful layout and design tips to help you tailor your resume to the job

05 - Writing your education

 17 minutes to complete 

How to show incomplete degrees or coursework
How to highlight above average grades
How to show job related training
How avoid appearing overqualified
What to do if you have no college degree
How to highlight volunteer work
How to showcase multiple degrees
How show achievements
Optimized Placement Tactics: How to strategically position your educational background
Strategies for when to omit your education

06 - Writing a functional resume

 37 minutes (varies) to complete 

A functional resume allows you to mask negative aspects about your work history and only show employers your best stuff.

How to decide if a Functional Resume is right for you
When to use a Functional Resume and how to write one
How to convert your existing resume with a focus on what you've done instead of when and where you did it
How to transform your existing resume to become functional
Shifting the focus from when and where you worked to what you've accomplished.

07 - Writing powerful accomplishment statements

 22 minutes (varies) to complete 

Accomplishment statements are the lifeblood of your resume and you'll get hundreds of powerful words and examples statements to make your resume stand out
You get words and statements for management, sales, technology, administrative, finance, teaching, healthcare, manufacturing, human resources, and much more. 
How to convert your existing resume with a focus on what you've done instead of when and where you did it
How to transform your existing resume to become functional
Shifting the focus from when and where you worked to what you've accomplished.

08 - 47-Point checklist

 11 minutes to complete 

When I write or review resumes for clients, I use this 47-point checklist to make certain the resume is perfect
Following this checklist makes it virtually impossible for you to write a bad resume 
Each checklist point asks you a question and then you refer to your resume to see if you included or excluded the suggestions.  It's that easy...

Portfolio of sample resumes

Includes 100 sample resumes from 20 different industries
Includes resumes  for:  Account Executives, Accounting, Administrative/Clerical, Brand Management, Engineering, Executive Management, Finance, Government, Health Care, Hospitality, Human Resources, Information Technology, Management, and much more.
Each checklist point asks you a question and then you refer to your resume to see if you included or excluded the suggestions.  It's that easy...

Unlock the Resume Masterpiece Today

Where you'll discover how to write or rewrite your resume so it stands-out and gets you hired.


One size doesn't fit all:
GlassDoor study shows tailored resumes lead to 53.5% more interviews

Resume writing is not a beauty contest

good and bad resume

As you can see from the image above, one resume looks pretty, and one doesn't, but one resume gets interviews and the other goes in the trash.

Resume writing is about clearly and effectively communicating your experience, skills, and accomplishments in a way that resonates with potential employers and showcases your professional value.

un-prepared job candidate
Typical resume score... 14%

A poor resumes means...

You're overlooked by recruiters
You struggle to stand out
You experience endless application silence
You get repeated rejections
You look for months and get no results
confident job candidate
Typical resume score... 93%

With a Perfect resume you...

Get noticed by recruiters
Stand out in every application
Your achievements clearly highlighted
You get multiple job interviews
You feel empowered and capable
You turn job searches into offers.

Using this Guide, Your resume will be so perfect, they'll feel stupid for not calling you

Dear Don,

Even at age 63, I was hired this week for a state government position, and almost at the top of the salary range for the job.

I had applied for several jobs over the past couple months but this was the one I really wanted and the only one where I was given an interview.

I start Monday! Thank you so much!

Andrea Buchmann, Vancouver, WA

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Unlock The Resume Masterpiece Instantly

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Time to write your resume:  about 2 hours
Mask unemployment gaps
Avoid being over-qualified
Create strong accomplishments
Stand-out in every job opening
Avoid common mistakes
47-Point checklist

Everything you need to make your resume PERFECT

complete interview answer guide reviews

My clients are the best and here's more kind words from them...

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"Your interview guide was well worth the money"

"Thank you so much for the job interview tool guide.

It was very helpful in preparing me for interviews.

Most of the questions you had listed did come up in the interview.

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Margaret Jones, San Francisco

Got the promotion because of your guide

Hi Don, I just wanted to send a very quick note of thank you.

I bought your interview guide about 1 month ago...and studied it.

I knew that I had a management interview with my company coming up. Well, I got the promotion.

Quite simply, your guide helped me to have the confidence to get this job."

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Mark Markgraf, Long Beach, CA