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High Performance Master's is the most advanced job interview preparation and training program designed to help you reach higher levels of success in every job you interview for.

The goal of the program is to help you to prepare for an upcoming interview, review your resume, strategize with you, overcome your nervousness, figure out the best answers to the toughest questions are facing, or the best questions to ask.

This is about helping you reach higher levels of performance in your interviews so employers can see the real you and more likely to offer you the job.

It's about being with you and advising you on your next move, so you don't make critical mistakes that cost you a lost job opportunity.  It's about being there when the time comes to negotiate a job offer.  It's about keeping your spirits high while you interview, even when you face stiff competition or really difficult interviewers.

Don has over 20 years of interviewing experience, from searching for jobs, to hiring people for jobs, to teaching millions how to interview for jobs.

He is the most consistently watched interview coach and 20 million people see his videos and posts every year...

And now he's coaching YOU!

When you register for High Performance Master's Program, you receive the same training Don would give his elite-level clients, from every day people, to corporate CEO's.

As part of the one-on-one coaching program, you will receive:

  • The Interview Success Blueprint ($200 value):  A 90 minute self-study training program that is designed to teach you how to form good interviewing habits.  When you feel lost and overwhelmed about searching for jobs, just sit down for an hour and go through this program to get back on course.  To make sure you are doing all the right things in your job search.  At the very least, this program will assure you that you are doing everything right as you interview and search for jobs.
  • The Resume Doctor ($200 value):  This video based training program will teach you how to find and fix problems on your resume.  This training workshop will help you to re-align the experience on your resume so that employers can see the value you will bring to them.  It’s one of the best video training program I’ve ever developed.
  • Group Interview Guide ($100 value):  This ebook will prepare you for any group interview.  If you’ve ever had a group interview, you might think they are kind of strange, because employers take a group of candidates and interview them simultaneously.  So if you’ve ever had one, you might have felt uncomfortable or uncertain.  But more and more employers are choosing this format and with this guide, you’ll have no problem getting through any group interview.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Master's Program has a complete satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy at the end your one-on-one coaching session with Don, you can ask for another coaching session, free of charge. That way, you are certain to get your problems resolved, the problems that you came to Don for in the first place. I do not give refunds on this program because it requires 100% of my time, working with you. But in all the years I have been coaching, I've never had one person even ask for a second session with me.

Questions? Email us at: [email protected]

Level 1 $497
  • (1) 60 minute High Performance Coaching session with Don.
  • Have your call on the phone or Skype.
  • 30 Days of Email support.
  • Use this program for an upcoming job interview to calm your nerves, get a resume review, or practice your answers.
  • Get strategic insight from Don on how to be the best candidate.
  • Figure out why you are not progressing to second interviews.
  • Find out why you are not getting job offers and how to fix that.
  • Get Don's advice on the best questions, for you to ask on a job interview.
  • Get all the bonuses mentioned in the video.
Level 2 $1997
  • (3 to 4) 60 minute High Performance Coaching sessions with Don.
  • Everything from Level 1 Plus...
  • 6 months of Email support.
  • Work closely and more frequently with Don during your entire job search.
  • Let Don teach you how to negotiate job offers so you get more money and benefits.
  • Get your resume reviewed multiple times.
  • Get Don's advice on how to write your resume to be an exact match for the job description.