There are three main types of cover letters. Each is used for specific purposes.

Cover letter and resume examples

Every cover letter is an introduction of who you are and what your qualifications are in reference to the job you are looking for.

A cover letter is not simply a reiteration of your resume.

It should be an interpretation of the information that in on the resume. It can serve to give further or more in-depth information to prospective employers.

A cover letter should be included with every resume you send out. It makes your resume stand out among other applicants and may be the thing that gets you the attention out of many other applications.

One type of cover letter is called the application cover letter. This is a resume and cover letter that responds to an open position that has been advertised or recommended to you. It should be formatted in a professional way and always include proper salutations and closings.

Detailed information should be included for both you and for the company and position for which you are applying. You need to take the time to understand as much as possible about the position and write your cover letter based on the skills you have that they are looking for. The purpose here is to market yourself as their best option for an employee. Tell them your specific skills in relation to what they are looking for.

Second type of cover letter

The second type of cover letter is the prospecting letter. This is a letter that is inquiring if there are any open positions that you may be qualified to fill. You may know that the company is hiring but not know if there are any specific jobs that may suit you.

The prospecting letter or letter of interest, as some people call it, lets a prospective employer know that you are interested in the company. This cover letter also details your skills in the area of work you are looking for. It may be a letter and resume that is placed in a file for future reference, so be sure to outline all the skills and types of positions you wish to be considered for.

Networking letters are the final type of cover letter. These can function as letters of introduction, referral letters, or network letters. These serve to recommend you to a company based on past experience you have had with other work. These can be written by other individuals that can recommend you for a position.

When these are well written they can be a powerful tool in finding the work you want. They are powerful because they have built in recommendations from people you have already worked with.

They may also help you to connect with people who can become a part of your base career associates. These are people to turn to when you need collaboration. They can also help you out when you need advice or help completing a project you find difficult.

Sample Cover Letter for sales

Charlize K. Bryant
1 Main Street
New City, Any State 00000

October, 17, 20xx

Clear Channel Worldwide
123 Oak Avenue
San Diego, CA 92123

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in response to your advertisement for a customer care executive posted recently on San Diego’s Help Wanted site. The enclosed resume outlines my experience in the field for the past five years. I have worked with TeleCompany for the past three years.

For the past year, I have worked in the Advanced Customer Service division of TeleCompany. This division has responsibility for handling customers with difficult problems.

This position involves keeping an open dialogue with customers while working to resolve their problems. In this position, I have authority to send replacement products or offer refunds per the company policy.

Before working in this division, I worked as a general customer service representative for TeleCompany as well.

I believe my experience with both general and detailed customer service would fit well for your open position. I am a dedicated customer service professional that places emphasis on building customer relations while upholding company policies and practices.

If you think I would be a good fit for this position, please contact me to set up a personal interview. I am available on both my cell phone (000-000-0000) or on email ( Thank you for considering my application.


Charlize K. Bryant