Canceling an interview is never something that you want to do, however there are certain occasions where you are going to be forced to do it.

How to reschedule or cancel a job interview

For those who want to cancel an interview because they no longer want that position with that company.

However they still may want to work for them in the future, it is important that you cancel with them right away, and that you don’t ever stand anyone up.

Your interview cancellation letter should be short, right to the point, and it should apologize for the last minute or sudden cancellation.

An interview cancellation letter sample will say who it is to, that you are cancelling, an apology, what position was being interviewed for, and attached should be a copy of the original resume that was sent to them.

People who send their letter far in advance of the interview will not have their resume black listed, or their name blocked from the system. Instead they may just keep your resume on file, and then you can possibly apply at a later date. For anyone who is cancelling at a later time, close to the time of the interview, a phone call will be appreciated.

If you still want to interview for the position after you have cancelled, you are going to want to send an interview cancellation letter apologizing for the cancellation, and then requesting for another date. They will either get back with you to reschedule another interview, or they are going to never respond.

Always include a copy of your resume so that they don’t confuse your application or your interview with someone else’s. For people who wait and must make the phone call to cancel their interview, still send a cancellation apology letter so that you can attempt to regain some respect.

Unfortunately for many people when you cancel and interview you may not get another chance at the position, so be sure before you cancel that you aren’t interested in the position, or that you aren’t going to want to work for that company at another time in the future.

You also may want to send the letter by certified mail to be sure that it gets there, and so they know that it is important to you that they get that letter. An interview cancellation letter sample time being 7 days before the interview will be cheap to send by certified mail.

A good interview cancellation letter sample is one that has a short introduction requesting the cancellation, a brief reason why, and an apology. The shorter and more the direct the letter is, the better. Be sure to get the letter out so it arrives at least 7 days before your schedule interview, and if it isn’t going to make it you should always make a phone call.

If the company does most of its communication through the internet you will want to send the HR department or interviewer an email as well and also a letter through the traditional mailing system.