Answers to the Top 10 most common interview questions

When you are pursuing a customer service position, there are many areas of expertise that could be valuable. The basics include computer/technology, administrative/clerical training, data entry, customer relationship best practices, and knowledge of the industry software applications.

When you reach the interview stage, there are some principles that go with sample job interview answers for customer service. Questions are normally open-ended, starting with words like describe, detail, and explain. The interviewer is looking to see not only how you have handled (or would handle) certain situations but also how relevantly, concisely, and courteously you speak.

What interviewers are looking for in your answers

The interviewer will be assessing how you respond to stress, adapt to new situations, pay attention to detail, and analyze and solve problems. Because many questions have to do with personal experiences, you will need to come up with your own answers rather than using sample job interview answers for customer service.

However, keep in mind the areas that are most important for an interviewer when you choose experiences to relate. Think ahead about the times you have had customer service experiences where you overcame obstacles to help customers in a friendly and informed manner.

Common customer service interview questions and answers

‘What is good customer service?’ is one question that is commonly asked in an interview setting. Some sample job interview answers for customer service to this question include:

  1. Good customer service professionals provide a friendly voice and face to the company while solving problems, giving out accurate information, or helping clients make good decisions.
  2. Good customer service starts with how you treat every customer as valuable. It also involves knowing the inventory, being familiar with company policy, and courteously guiding customers so that problems are resolved.

You may also be asked what software you are proficient in. Though your personal experiences with software will vary, these sample job interview answers for customer service can give you an idea of how to structure your answer.

  1. I am proficient in (insert specific customer service software, like SalesForce) as well as basic word processing and spreadsheet software. I am also a quick learner and look forward to becoming more familiar with other applications.
  2. I was trained in (insert technology) through (insert organization). However, I understand that you use (insert particular software used by the company) and have started to familiarize myself with that format as well.

Routine customer service interview questions and answers

Another routine interview question is how you handle a dissatisfied or angry customer. Your response like sample job interview answers for customer service should emphasize patience, active listening, calm courtesy, and a plan for meeting the needs of the customer.

  1. I actively listen to the customer’s complaints, asking questions to make sure that I understand what they are unhappy about. I patiently and calmly work with them to find a solution, often offering a company approved added bonus to help retain them as loyal customers after the problem has been resolved.
  2. At all times I remember that they are not angry with me but with the situation. Aligning myself with them as an ally against the problem that needs to be resolved can help me listen attentively to their concerns and offer solutions that make sense.