What can you do for us that no one else can?
This is a pretty open ended question and may or may not get asked directly, but some variation of it may come up. There is no right or wrong answer.

What can you do for us that no one else can?

The interviewer wants to see what you believe are your best strengths and that you can differentiate yourself from everyone else. If you trip up on this question, it does not mean the end of the interview, but if you trip up on a few of these types of questions, you can probably expect that you won’t go any further in the interview process.

This is a time to talk about your job skills, training, and project experiences that make you better than everyone else. Describe your role and how you have contributed to the company and projects on past jobs.

Don’t give a straight out answer, but now is a good time to brag about yourself and your abilities. Make sure you mention that you have the skills, training, and experience that are required for the job and describe how they will benefit the company by having you instead of anyone else. Differentiate yourself.

Best answer:

1. “I am a well rounded individual with a very unique blend of skills. Past training and job experiences have allowed me to take on and complete projects and assignments of high importance and increasing difficulty while on time and under budget. And now, I want to be part of your team and solving problems for you.”

2. “I believe that my unique blend of experience, problem solving skills and people skills differentiates me from most other candidates. I am motivated, disciplined and focused and am willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

3. “I have a great deal of experience in working with database products. In my past jobs, I have rebuilt databases to make them faster and more efficient, and as a result of my efforts, our sales department was able to run their daily and weekly reports 52% faster than they were before thus saving them a great deal of time that could be better utilized making more sales than waiting for reports to run.”

4. “In my last job, I helped increase third quarter sales by 30% and this increase was a direct result of my ability to work with our customers to find out what they need that we as a company were not providing to them.”