Customer interview question on: stealing

I was asked this questions on an interview a couple of years ago: “What would you do if you see a fellow co-worker stealing something?”

What would be the best way to answer these question? And, what was the interviewer trying to get from me?


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Don’s answer to: what to say if you knew a co-worker was stealing

I would answer the questions as such, “I would tell on them, and possibly anonymously.” I think they are gauging your loyalty by asking this question. Some people might actually answer by saying, “well, it would depend on what they were doing,” or “it depends on who it is.”

But the company does not want you making these decisions for them. Theft is theft, no matter if it’s petty office supplies or something of greater value. Theft cannot be tolerated in the workplace and violators must go. Though I would not rant on like this in your answer, just be brief and firm.

By being quick and decisive with your answer, your interviewer will get a better read on you and your answer and your answer will have more credibility.