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I was working with one of my clients the other day and he told me that he was doing great in his interview process and everything was moving along real smooth and then he ran into a snag. The interviewer said, “It looks like you used to work for a 2 billion dollar company. We’re only a 25 million dollar company. We’re not sure that you’re going to be able to fit it around here”.

And there’s a lot of people like that. They used to work for really big companies; billion dollar companies and they got laid off and now they’re hitting the job market and they’re trying to find a job with a smaller company, but the smaller companies all have concerns. They’re like, “You’re probably not going to like it around here. It’s not going to be used to what you had in this big company. We don’t have the resources that you used to have. So, we’re a little bit concerned about how you’re going to fit in”.

And when you get this kind of response, it just stops you dead in your tracks; you don’t know what to say because they’ve got you dead right. It’s true. You used to work for a big company. How are you possibly going to fit in in a smaller company? Well, today I’m going to show you how to do that.

So, let me tell you what I told Frank, because this worked great for him and he actually got the job. I always tell them I like working in small companies because there’s less red tape than large companies. Plus there are less restrictions on me, so I can focus more of my time on getting things done. Building relationships in small companies is better than large ones because people aren’t always moving around with intra-company transfers.

So, anything that you can say to throw large companies under the boss is always a good idea because little companies like to hear that. They love hearing that people don’t like working in big companies because they’re big, they’re clunky, they’re awkward and nobody wants to be there and they’re not as personable to their employees; stuff like that. That’s all music to their ears; small companies love hearing that.

But remember, you’re only attacking the idea of a big company and not a big company name by itself. It’s kind of like attacking the fast food industry versus McDonald’s; there’s a difference. And it looks better for you if you’re not singling out a company and calling them out by name.

You also want to tell them that your heart that your heart lies in the small business sector and that’s where you feel the most at home.

And when you start telling them things like this, you’re going to come across as the genuine type of candidate that they want to hire. They’re probably going to feel sorry for you that you’ve got mixed up in all this big company stuff in the first place and say, “Come on over here. We’ll treat you right in our small company and it’ll be like a family”. That’s kind of the angle that you want to take and they’re going to appreciate that.

And that’s all there is to it. When you go in there with answers like that, you’re going to be able to sell yourself and you’re going to be able to convince them and show them that small business is for you and you don’t like big business and here’s why.

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