Hey everybody, Don Georgevich here with Job Interview Tools. And today, I want to show you how to project the right image to an employer while you’re interviewing for a job.

What I really mean to say is why you must project the right image to an employer. I mean, image is everything and if you’re not projecting the right image to an employer, you’re probably projecting the wrong one, and if you’re projecting the wrong image to an employer you’re out.

One of the first things an employer is going to do is they are going to evaluate whether you are like minded, whether your values are the same, whether your principles are the same as theirs, whether they think you’re going to fit into their culture.

Before they do anything they, want to make sure you’re going to fit into their culture and that you’re like minded. They don’t care if you’re qualified. They don’t care about your experience. Yet, they care about whether you’re a fit, because if you’re even if you are qualified and you don’t fit their mold, you don’t fit their culture, you don’t share the same values, then inviting you into their organization is like planting a weed.

If you don’t share those same values that are so important to them, then you’re going to be a detriment to their culture, you’re going to be a weed in their culture and you are going to inhibit growth in their culture. And they don’t want that, because they already have a set of employees that are like minded, that share the same values and principles and fit into their culture. So, you need to associate yourself with what their values are. You need to show them that you’re like minded.

So, how do you do this? How do you project the right image to an employer when maybe you don’t know what their image is? You have to know what their image is.

For example, understanding their company culture will help guide you in determining how you want to project yourself. Now, in bigger companies, it’s a lot easier to find out what their culture is. With the small ones, it can be a little bit harder. You might have some work to do. Maybe you can try to talk to some people who work there, so you can kind of find out what it is. But for some of the bigger companies, you can find out what their culture is like.

For example, if we were to Google “Culture at IBM” everybody knows IBM. You would find out that they are driven by their values, not by their products. So, they’re of values driven company.

So, knowing that, if I had an interview with IBM, I would find out what their values are and then I would align myself with those values. I would prepare to speak their language.

So, when I go into the interview I sound like them, I talk like them, I have the same ideas as them and I’m mirroring who they are and what they are. And so, when they see that, they’re like, “Hey, you look like us, you sound like us, you understand us. I think you should be one of us”. That’s how you get them.

And that’s how you hook an employer into seeing the real value in you. You show them that you’re like them, then they’re going to want to bring you in. It’s as simple as that.

And that’s how you differentiate yourself from everybody else, because you’re smarter. You’re smarter than everyone else because for one you’re here watching me today and you’re trying to make yourself better. You’re trying to improve yourself. So, I know you’re better. I know you’re smarter. This is going to give you the edge.

So, find out what the values are of the company, align yourself to those values, and then be that person in the interview. You’re going to go so much farther.

Now, let’s look at another example. Let’s say we look up the Apple culture. And maybe you know this, maybe you don’t, but if you Google “Apple culture” what’s important to them is innovation; new products and innovation.

Sure, they have values, they have principles, but they’re not a values driven company like IBM. They’re a product and innovation company. So, now you know something about Apple.

Now, you know how to go in and align yourself with Apple. You talk about how you are innovative, you talk about innovation, you talk about maybe things that inspire you, you talk about ideas you’ve had. Show them that you are a wealth of ideas, and that’s going to help you align yourself with Apple’s culture.

And you know what? They’re going to say, “Hey, we like the way you’re thinking. You think like us, you sound like us, why don’t you come on over here? We think you belong over here with us”. That’s how you do it my friend.

Another example, Amazon is a very customer focused, data driven company. That’s their value. So, knowing that, you go into the interview with Amazon and you talk about how you love working with customers and how you love making sure customers are satisfied and taken care of and they get everything they need. That’s the angle you take in Amazon. So, you know their values and then you be that person in the interview; whatever those values are.

And you know what? You might also find that you are not the person; you don’t fit. Maybe you read the Amazon values statement and you’re like, “You know what? That’s not who I am”. And so, maybe that’s not a good company for you to work at or maybe IBM isn’t a good company for you to work at because you’re not that person inside.

I mean, you know who you are deep down inside. And if you put yourself in a position at a company where you know you fundamentally and ideologically don’t fit, you’re not going to be happy there.

So, do this exercise, not to trick a company into hiring you and not trying to put on a charade and be something that you’re not. Use this as an opportunity to find out who they are, what they are and what they’re about, and then decide if that’s you.

If that’s you, then go in there, gangbusters and be that person. Be that person in the interview and let your true colors blossom in the interview. And you’ll be so passionate about everything you’re saying and everything that you’ve done that you’ll just naturally come alive in that interview and they will want to hire you. They will want to invite you in to their culture. That’s how you do it.

To go just a little bit deeper on values, I want to give you a personal example. Let’s say you are going on a first date with someone who’s an animal lover and let’s say you happen to be a hunter.

So, going on a first date with someone who loves fuzzy bunnies and kitty cats and then you talk about how you love hunting probably isn’t going to make for a second date because you are at odds. You’re ideologically opposed to this person’s values. So, this person isn’t going to want to go on a date with you again.

Now, let’s say you know that this person you’re going on a date with is an animal lover and let’s say you are an active hunter and there’s nothing wrong with that, but knowing that this person loves fuzzy bunnies and kitties, maybe you don’t bring up that you’re a hunter. Maybe instead, you talk about your own love of animals. Maybe you talk about the dog you have or the bunny you had when you were a kid. I mean, you can still be a hunter and still love animals. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you see where I’m going with this, you know, maybe if you are a hunter, maybe you don’t want to be dating someone who’s an animal lover or a vet. Maybe there’s just too much of a difference there; there’s too much friction.

That just goes back to values and principles between an employer and employee. That’s why it’s so important that your own values and principles need to be aligned with theirs. And that’s why they only want to hire people whose values and principles are aligned with theirs. Because otherwise, you’re a weed in their culture and they don’t want to invite people who are not a fit into their culture.

I mean, sure maybe you’re qualified, maybe you have a lot of experience and maybe that’s why you’re struggling. Maybe that’s why you’re struggling with getting hired somewhere because you have a ton of experience, you are a master at your craft, you know what you doing, but no one’s hiring you. And maybe they’re not hiring you because you don’t fit their culture. You’re not a values fit. Your principles aren’t aligned with theirs.

Or maybe they are, but maybe you’re not making that clear. Maybe you don’t know what their principles are and maybe you’re not showing them how you are related, how you can fit into their culture.

That’s one of the biggest mistakes most candidates make is they think it’s all about answering the right questions. That’s what they think getting hired is. It’s all about answering the right questions and having the experience. Why else wouldn’t you want to hire me?

It’s so much more than that; it’s so much deeper. And this is the thing that most candidates don’t understand. This is why I want you to go out on your next interview, find out what the culture is like at this company, and then align yourself with it. Show them that you are like-minded, show them that your values and principles are aligned with their mission statement.

Find out what their mission statement is. That’s where they list their values and their principles and what drives their company. So, find out what that is. Align yourself to that if you’re a match. If you’re not, then that’s a signal for you to not even waste your time and to go somewhere else.

But if you are a fit; if you are a fundamental fit for their mission statement, and their values, and their principles, then go in there and be that person. And then combined with that and your experience, it’s a no brainer. You’re going to get the job hands down; I guarantee it. If you don’t, you’re going to be a top contender for it.

So, do that my friend. Go out there on your next interview and align yourself with their culture and you will go so much farther. I guarantee it.

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So, that’s all I have for you today my friend. Good luck on your next interview and I will see you in the next video.

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