How to be calm and not nervous in a job interview

Job interviews are a challenge for everyone in that you cannot help but be nervous about coming across well to the interviewers.

Job interviews make everyone nervous

Even those people who are confident in their abilities and confident in their knowledge of the company, they still worry about coming across as they want to during the interview process.

Even an interview that is hours long is no substitute for really seeing a person in action.

Those who are prepared with experience and knowledge are ahead of the game and simply need to be calm and collected for that confidence to show.

One of the most popular job interview questions is ‘how do you handle pressure and stress’? It is important to realize that the desired answer to this question is NOT ‘I do not get stressed.’ Everyone feels pressure and stress, the interviewing person or panel wants to know your approach to the inevitable feelings that come with most jobs at some point or another.

Take the time to consider this question well in advance and make some clear and concise notes to yourself before the interview.

This is a question that is almost sure to be asked in some form or fashion at your job interview. By doing your homework in the days leading up to the interview you can work on the foundation of your answer to such a question.

Then when you are asked, you can tailor your response to fit the situation. Preparation is key, for by thinking about such questions ahead of time, you can formulate a concise and to the point response.

Sample interview answers for dealing with stress

1.  When dealing with pressure and stress, I take a moment to prioritize what I have going on. Pressure to perform well is a good kind of pressure as long as I do not allow it to become negative stress. I prioritize what is truly most important and focus on getting that done and done well.

2. I do not respond to stress but to the situation. I analyze the situation and take action that will avoid negative stress.

3. I work best under pressure, for other things do not distract or lure me from the task at hand.

4. I have learned the differences between negative stress and positive pressure and react accordingly. I reduce negative stress by dealing with the situation and perform under positive pressure by doing my best work.

5. I do not typically have problems with stress. I simply prioritize, focus and get the job done.

Handling the stresses and pressures that come with a job is part of life that most people know they have to find their handle on. Know yourself, know how you react to stress and how to avoid negative stress that makes you sick or less productive. By knowing yourself and your reactions, you then can work on how to handle stress and pressure effectively.