There’s no doubt that a job interview can be a stressful event. Hoping that you answer questions right, make a great impression, and generally just succeed in landing the job can be nerve wracking.

How to follow-up after a job interview

After the initial interview is completed however, an equally stressful occurrence begins – the wait.

After a week or even two without hearing back, you may be faced with the decision to make a follow up phone call after an interview.

Calling after an interview is perfectly acceptable to do, so long as you don’t call the very next day.

If you’re starting to be concerned about your prospects with the job, you can certainly call in to check on the position.

When you’re calling after an interview, follow a few basic steps to ensure the process goes smoothly. When you call, ask to speak to the person who interviewed you. If they’re unavailable, it may be in your best interests to call back at a later time. Once you do get in touch with them, remind them who you are.

Give them your name along with the date and time that you interviewed for the job. The odds are that they’ve interviewed quite a few people for the position, so it helps to ensure that they know just who it is that they are talking to.

Once you are certain that they know who you are, politely tell them that you’re calling to check on the status of the job opening. Ask if it has already been filled or if the position is still available. If it is still open, you might want to ask whether or not you’re still being considered.

Despite their answer to this, it’s in your best interests to mention that you are still very much interested in the job and that you are looking forward to hearing back from them. A quick apology for taking up their time might be called for as well. Above all else, when calling after an interview it is important to be polite.

Making a follow up call after an interview

If you’re calling after an interview do your best not to sound pushy or to take up too much time. Keep it short and simple, be polite, and check on the status of the job. Don’t continue to call every couple of days and don’t call until at least a week has elapsed.

Most employers take the hiring process very seriously so it could take awhile before they make a final decision. Be confident, and in the meantime consider looking elsewhere for employment in case you don’t land the job you’re waiting for.

One of the best things you can do to follow-up after a job interview is to call them, but the most important rule is not to call too soon. It helps to keep yourself distracted with other projects while waiting on that phone call. The old adage ‘A watched pot never boils’ applies here, and time spent obsessively worrying about the interview and the phone call could be better spent on other issues.

Once days have become weeks, the time may be right to give the company a call and see what the status of the job is. Be polite and professional, and no matter the outcome don’t get discouraged.

How to follow-up and get hired