Five tips on how to make interviewers believe you are the best candidate

I want to share with you my five best strategy tips that will make you stand out and convince interviewers that you are the best candidate to they are more likely to offer you the job.

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number 1: Be enthusiastic and personable. For example, if a company had to choose between 2 candidates, one who was pleasant and personable, but lacked experience and one who had all the right experience, but was very quiet and struggled to show any form of expression or enthusiasm for the job.  Who do you hire?  Most managers will pick the first one who is pleasant, because pleasant people are more enjoyable to be around and they will train them to improve their skills.

Hiring managers know that it’s much easier to train for skill, than personality.

But often times the experienced candidate is just nervous so the hiring manager is not seeing the real person.  So how do you overcome your nerves so you can be personable and experienced?  First, you have to recognize the problem and the easiest way to overcome it is frequent interviews.  That’s right, go on as many interviews as you can, even for jobs you are not interested in to get practice.  Repetition is the mother of skill and the more you interview and practice, the better you will become.

Number 2: Understand their problems and show them you are a solution to solve them. 

Carefully read through the job description to look for areas where they have problems and start thinking of how your experience has prepared you to solve their problems.  The only reason a business hires someone is because they have a need or problem that needs to be solved.

Do some research on the company ahead of time and even guess at what problems they might be facing.  That way when you are in the interview, you will appear more relevant to them because you understand their needs.

And when you are in the interview, don’t just assume you know what their problems are, even though you have an idea, you want lead them to get them to explain their needs, pains and problems to you.  You can simply ask, what are some of the biggest problems facing this department or what are the biggest challenges facing this position.  And then they will tell you, and then show them that you understand by reciting back their pains by say, “So what you are saying is… fill in the blank with the problem.  And then follow-up with your idea.  You can simply say, we had that problem in my last company, here is what we did to solve it and saying that will instantly elevate your status with them.

number 3: Sell yourself. An interview is not an interrogation, but a conversation where you build rapport with your interviewer and get them to know you, like you, and trust you so they want to offer you the job.

To sell yourself, you have to understand their problems and pains and show them that you understand by telling them.  Like this, “so what you are saying is… then summarize their problem.  And when you do this right, they will say, yah, that’s right, you understand.

That’s how you sell yourself, by showing them you understand their problems, and then you present yourself as a solution to their problems by saying, “We had that problem before at my last company, here is what we did to solve it.

This is the easiest and most effective way to sell yourself in a job interview.

number 4: stories sell, so Tell stories.  People naturally love to hear stories.

Walk your interviewer through your background and qualifications in way that interesting and engaging, so that it invites questions and creates conversation points.  If interviewers are not asking follow-up questions on your stories, like “how did you do that? Your story is probably falling flat on their ears and they wish you would stop talking.

When you tell an engaging story, it creates conversation and you build rapport with your interviewer and thus more likely to go farther in the interview process where they will eventually see you as the ideal fit for the job.

And number 5: Be yourself.   To get hired somewhere, you have to have more than the right skills, personality and values.  All three must harmonize together.

You need to be confident that you can do the job and they must believe you can do it.  Oftentimes candidates have the right skills for the job, but don’t exude enough confidence and thus the interviewer has doubt in their ability and they hire someone else.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself and say that “I have to get this job or else.”  That type of pressure is more destructive than it is helpful.

Putting pressure on yourself to understand their needs and showing how you are a solution is the good kind of pressure.  But demanding of yourself that you land this job is the worst thing you can do.

The best thing you can do is to be natural, genuine and enthusiastic.  And when you interview, do it objectionably, meaning that you are only entertaining the idea of working here.   Tell yourself that they must sell you on the job or you will not be convinced it’s right for you.  Taking on this stance puts you in a stronger position to interview, because you have not said yes yet.

All too often, candidates are so desperate for the job that it makes them weak in the interview and interviewers sense this weakness and are repelled by it.

But when you are genuine, you will be naturally confident and they will feel your confidence, and they won’t doubt your ability to do the job.

So, there you have it my friend my five best tips on how to make interviewers feel you are the best candidate for the job.

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