More and more companies are using competency-based or behavioral interviewing questions and methods to identify how competent a candidate is in certain key areas for a position.

Competency interview – Behavioral interview questions

This style of interviewing helps employers evaluate how well a candidate is likely to perform their job based on past performance.

Interview questions a candidate might get if there were applying for a restaurant manager position.

Competency Interview Questions:

Competency Question answered:  “Tell me about a time when your best customer service skills were put to the test.”

During a cold January day when I was working the lunch shift at Applebee’s, one of our dining sections was extra cold. It was abnormally cold outside and this section seemed to be particularly affected.

One of the customers had complained about the cold seating area and asked to speak with my manager.

They asked the manager why they were seating people in this area because it was so cold. I watched from a distance and could tell by the customers facial expressions they were not happy, and my manager was shrugging her harms. Then my manager left and the situation remained the same.

I went back to the cold table and asked if they would be interested in moving to another section of the dining room? They agreed. I also gave them a courtesy hot cup of coffee and chicken soup.

This customer was so pleased with how I handled their situation, that they wrote a letter to the president of Applebee’s and explained what happened to them on that cold January day.

My manager showed me a copy of the letter and told me what a good job I had done and that she was extremely proud of me for taking difficult situation and turning it around.

A question a candidate might get when applying for an attorney position with a law firm.

Competency Interview Question:

“Tell me when you had to do something that was right, even though you did not agree with it.”

When I worked for Webster & Webster, I defended a doctor who was accused of medical malpractice by his patient. The lawsuit alleged that my client failed to detect a form of cancer while it was in its early stages in the patient.

The patient was very sincere and sympathetic, but I knew I had to see past my feelings and do my job, which was to defend my client.

Even though I had to keep my feelings in control for the patient, because after all, she was a real person with cancer, and was probably going to die, regardless of the outcome of this case.

I remained focused on the case and represented by client to the best of my abilities while keeping my feeling for the patient in check.

The doctor ended up settling out of court with the patient. She told me she was very pleased with my services and that I had done a great job of defending her.

She also said that she knew it was difficult for me considering what the patient has gone through and really appreciated my professionalism and dedication towards her.

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