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A mock interview is simply a sample job interview that you create and practice, preferably with a friend so they can give you honest criticism.

Susan is interviewing for management position in the medical field.

She is uncomfortable with how her first interview went, but also puzzled that her interviewer would like her to come back for a second round of interviews.

She has not been in management for many years and feels that her interviewer does not think she is up for the job.

When you’re uncomfortable with your interviews, consider asking a friend to help you practice with a mock interview or sample interview.

Susan’s Question:

I went on a interview for medical billing supervisor. The interview went okay. During the interview the executive director kept insisting that she needs someone with very strong skills to handle the job.

I assured her that I know I can handle the job and am confident that I have the knowledge and skills to get the job done.

In my mind I feel that because I have not worked in management for several years, even though I have worked as a manager in the past, she probable feels that I’m not capable of doing the job.

Despite all of this she asked me to come back for a second interview next week to meet with her and another person.

Can you please give me some advise as to how to handle this situation?

I know for the second interview I have to prepare to answer more serious questions and have to convince them that I am the person for this job. Any keep points or tips you suggest will be helpful.

I want this job. It is in the same area of interest as my last job and I like everything about it and the challenges ahead.

Don’s Answer:

I’m sure they see something in you they like.

She needs to be sure that you are the right person for the job, if you are not, then they just wasted a bunch of their time and money for nothing, not to mention some personal embarrassment to her superiors. That’s why she is grilling you so hard.

The best way you can prove to her you are the best candidate for the job is by example. Relate your past experience to the current job responsibilities and make sure you address each one of her concerns/objections.

Basically, “because I did this in my past job, I feel eminently qualified to handle this for xyz company.” This is a perfect formula for relating your past experience to the responsibilities for a new job.

Before you go back for the second interview, just make a list of everything you talked about the job. Then break it down to responsibilities and her concerns/objections and isolate each one.

Then take your time and address each one with how you will handle the responsibilities from your past experience and neutralize her concerns and objections.

Have a good answer for her concerns, letting her know that it’s not really a concern at all because she has you. Doing this little exercise will greatly prepare you for your second interview.

When talking to her, don’t fluff off her concerns; but take them seriously, and target each concern separately. More importantly, listen to her and don’t interrupt until she has finished. She is trying to tell you something that will help you sell yourself to her.

Now address the objection with how your past experience has prepared you. Since this a supervisory position, you need to demonstrate to her that you can manage other people and show her how you are going to be able to do this effectively.

Basically, the people you will be managing will be responsible for completing individual tasks, thus making you ultimately responsible for everyone’s work.

It’s a big job, how are you going to handle it? What could happen? What could go wrong? What are you going to do to make sure everyone completes their work on time. What if they don’t?

What if someone calls off sick for a week, who will pick up the extra work? What if you have two co-workers who don’t get along personally, but need to work together? How will you as a supervisor work it out so the company does not suffer?

Give her examples of how your past management skills has prepared you for this job. Let her know that you know how to effectively manage other people and that you have never lost this skill and that you know how to get things done. Let her know that you are a fair and impartial manager.

Practice answering questions like this with a mock interview or sample job interview is a great way to improve your job interview techniques.

You have just read a transcript of real problem posed by Susan, who is preparing for her second interview.

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