second interview questions

Making it to a second interview put’s you one step closer to getting the job.

Let’s take a look at real life candidate, Michelle who has already impressed her potential employer and is gearing up for a second job interview.

Second interviews can take-on a direction of their own and it’s difficult to speculate on how your second interview will play out.

This analysis is not about how you should prepare for a second interview, but the exact 2nd interview questions and scenarios Michelle was faced while preparing for her second job interview.

Michelle is preparing for a panel interview and she needs to let them know her plan for how she will do this job. Even a 6-month outlook would be a good idea. Going into a second interview, they will certainly want to know how she will plan to handle her job.

Michelle needs to give her interviewer examples from her past and relate them to this job. Basically, because I did or learned [blank] in my last job, I’m confident I’ll be able to do [blank] for you in this job. She also needs to remain focused on what she can do for them, and not how this job will benefit her.

Michelle’s Question:

I have been pulling info together to use for my 2nd job interview and to prepare a sample plan. The interview panel is focused on funding, membership building and policy.

As for the plan, would you suggest I take something in writing or simply state the plan orally?

Don’s Answer:

I would take some notes with me about my plan and state it orally, but briefly. And I say briefly, because if your plan is off-base with their goal, a detailed plan will just demonstrate your lack of understanding about their goals, but a brief plan will be more vague and leave the floor open for comment.

If they like what they hear, then keep telling them more about your plan.

Michelle’s 2nd interview questions:

This upcoming panel will be between 6 and 21 people. Any suggestions on interviewing with a group this large?

Don’s Answer:

Personally, I don’t enjoy panel interviews and I think they are extremely unfair and even intimidating. Try not to let them push you around and just answer their 2nd interview questions while making good eye contact with the person who asked the question, and then while you are speaking, make sure you look around at everyone else so as to make it look like you are talking to everyone at the table.

You’ll probably be doing a lot of talking so make sure you have some water. To slow down the barrage of questions you may get, you might consider taking notes, because note taking will probably make them pause their questioning until you have finished writing, thus giving you a much needed break.

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You have just read a transcript of second job interview questions posed by Michelle, who has already made it through the first round of interviews and is preparing for her second interview.

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