Interview help

Jessica has been in nursing for most of her life.

She was recently let go from her last job because of her poor job performance.

She is not very happy in her work anymore, but needs a job and is not sure what to do and needs a little job interview help and advice.

Jessica’s Question:

I need some interview advice.

I was let go from my last job as a nurse because my job performance record continued to degrade over time and my boss did not want to pay top dollar to someone who was not able to do their job as effectively as they once were.

I am a RN and I hate it. In the past, I was able to make a good salary, but as my career progressed, I became less happy in my work. The only reason I continued in spite of my unhappiness was the great pay and benefits.

I have always been hired for everything I applied for. Then suddenly, all I have are terrible interviews and if I am lucky to be hired, I get fired.

I am totally blown away. I did not realize that I was not performing up to par. That is what makes me feel like age or something is happening. I have always scored at the top of my evaluations, but over the past two years I have been under performing.

So why now can I not seem to please anyone? In days past as a manager, I have had “older” people apply for positions. I was more interested in their experience, quality of work and interest in the position. I really do not understand.

Don’s Answer:

I understand exactly where you are coming from. Early on in my career, I once worked a job I hated for nearly three years. Everyday made me sick to my stomach and I had a bad attitude about my job and career. Why did I stay there for three years? I was only there for the MONEY.

It was the most I’d ever made so I stayed, but somehow it still wasn’t enough to sell my unhappiness for a paycheck. I later accepted a job I really enjoyed, but for $20,000 less pay. I was happier, poorer, but happier.

Unfortunately, they went out of business within a year and I found myself back at the same job that made me sick to my stomach and I had to start all over again. But that’s another story.

You will never become good and productive at something if you don’t enjoy what you are doing. I don’t believe your age is the issue at all – it’s probably your attitude.

Help with interview questions

My job interview advice to you would be to make a detailed list of everything I liked about all my past jobs, why I liked those things, the way they made me feel and be SPECIFIC. Then I would create another detailed list of everything I disliked about my past jobs and WHY I disliked those things and the way they made me feel.

The whole purpose of this exercise is to help you identify exactly what it is you enjoy doing in your chosen profession. Certainly there is something you enjoy and good you can bring with all your experience.

Once you find out what you truly and honestly enjoy doing, you will be in a much better position to find a job you feel good about doing and do it well.

Maybe the thing you liked was the patient relationships you made and that you enjoyed talking with the people about their problems and emotionally helping them get through, but you disliked the hours or the company rules.

Then you might search for some type of nurse consultant position. Of course this is just an example to basically show you how the exercise might help.

Remember, younger or older, it does not matter – it’s what’s inside that matters – it’s the total package. You have the benefit of age and experience on your side (two highly valuable assets).

Use them wisely and to your advantage. I would rather be older and experienced and making more money, then young, inexperienced with less pay.

I believe companies prefer older employees with experience because they are less likely to leave the company and they already know how to do their job without company provided training.

You have just read a real story about Jessica, who is having a difficult time getting hired for jobs she does not want and needs some job interview help to get her back on track.

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